The 12th IFAC Symposium on Control of Power & Energy Systems

In IFAC, CPES Symposium is a three-year periodic event rooted in a long-standing series originated in Munich, Germany (1992) and continued in Cancun, Mexico (1995), Beijing, China (1997), Brussels, Belgium (2000), Seoul, Korea (2003), Kananaskis/Alberta, Canada (2006), Tempere, Finland (2009), Toulouse, France (2012), New Delhi, India (2015), Tokyo, Japan (2018), Moscow, Russia (2021). It turns out that CPES 2024, in Rabat-Morocco, is going to be CPES’s first time in Africa.

CPES addresses all aspects of modeling, operation, and control of power and energy systems, including dynamic interactions between energy sources and power systems, constraint and security control aspects, tools and methods for control system design, test and documentation, real-time simulation and dispatching.

Development and application of tools and methods such as modern control theory, artificial intelligence techniques, and data-driven modeling and control are also important.

Recent increases in demand, production costs, and environmental concerns have triggered the efforts to develop Smart Grids for power systems. Control, information and communications technologies are at the core of the Smart Grid vision as they will empower today’s power grid with the capability of supporting distributed two-way energy and information flow, isolating and restoring power outages more quickly, facilitating the integration of renewable energy sources and empowering the consumer with tools for optimizing their energy consumption.

CPES 2024 will focus on the emerging fields like optimal control and management of small and large decentralized units based on renewable resources such as hydro, wind, solar and biomass, energy storage systems, the concepts of smart grid, wide-area monitoring and control, virtual power plant, intelligent control in energy systems, energy internet and design of energy markets.

Following the tradition, the IFAC TC 6.3 is planning to organize the Symposium with a number of Invited Sessions & Open Invited Tracks, which are centered on all aspects that are relevant to Power and Energy Systems Control and aim at bringing together researchers from Academia, Industry, and National Labs to exchange novel ideas, explore enabling technologies, discuss innovative designs, and share field trial experiences and lessons learnt.

In IFAC, CPES 2024 is sponsored by six IFAC Technical Committees (TCs).

Main sponsoring TC: TC 6.3. Power and Energy Systems

Co-Sponsoring TCs:

  • TC 1.2. Adaptive and Learning Systems.
  • TC 2.1. Control Design.
  • TC 2.2. Linear Control Systems.
  • TC 2.3. Non-Linear Control Systems.
  • TC 6.4. Fault Detection,Supervision&Safety of Techn.Processes-SAFEPROCESS.