SAGIP Association

Society for automation and industrial engineering

Industrial engineering

Director: François Peres (

The Industrial Engineering community addresses issues related to products, processes, organizations and networks of organizations, at all stages of their life cycle: design, management, improvement and end of life (including the preservation of knowledge in the very long term). In that purpose, we consider models, approaches and tools from automatic control (modelling, system management), IT (artificial intelligence, computer engineering, information technology, etc.), mechanical engineering (product design and manufacturing processes) or operational research (planning, scheduling, optimisation). Being of multidisciplinary nature, this domain is often addressed in collaboration with other research communities, such as economics and management sciences and the humanities (business sociology, law, etc.).

This research is supported by the following working groups:

  • Automatisation des Systèmes Hommes-Machines (ASHM)
  • Ordonnancement (Bermudes)
  • Gestion et pilotage des Flux industriels et Logistiques (FL)
  • Gestion et ingénierie des systèmes hospitaliers (GISEH)
  • Health Management and Maintenance (H2M)
  • Intelligent Manufacturing & Services Systems (IMS2)
  • INgénierie des Connaissances et Apprentissage pour les Systèmes de production de bien et de service (INCAS)
  • INgénierie d’Entreprise : architectures, méthodes et modèles (INE)
  • INGEnierie pour l’industrie responsable du FUTUR : méthodes, modèles et outils (IngeFutur)
  • Théorie et applications des méta-heuristiques (META)
  • Sûreté / Surveillance / Supervision (S3)
  • SImulation, Performance et Amélioration continue (SIMPA)
  • Systèmes Mécatroniques (SYSME)
  • Vérification et synthèse des Systèmes Cyber-Physiques (VS-CPS)