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Society for automation and industrial engineering

Automatic Control

Director: Nacim Ramdani (

Automatic Control develops methods and tools for the modelling of dynamic systems (physical, chemical, biological, economic, social) for their analysis and for their control, in order to perform tasks and/or optimize criteria. Automatic Control makes use of mathematics, signal processing, computer science and knowledge on various fields of application. This discipline is essential for analysis, design and simulation, optimize, validate and verify technological and socio-technological systems that are to become more and more interconnected in the next decade. It currently focuses, among other topics, on the treatment of massive volume of data and information, and on the new forms of synergy between humans and technological systems. In addition, these complex systems will have to meet more and more requirements on performance, reliability and energy efficiency.

This research is supported by the following working groups:

  • Automatique et Réseaux de Communication (ARC)
  • Automatique et Transports Terrestres (ATT)
  • Automatisation des Systèmes Hommes-Machines (ASHM)
  • Commande Prédictive Non Linéaire (CPNL)
  • Commande des Systèmes Électriques (CSE)
  • Health Management and Maintenance (H2M)
  • Identification (Identif)
  • Théorie et applications des méta-heuristiques (META)
  • Méthodes et Outils pour la Synthèse et l’Analyse en Robustesse (MOSAR)
  • Outils pour l’analyse et la Synthèse de sYstèmes de Dimension Infinie (OSYDI)
  • Réseaux et Systèmes Électriques Intelligents (SmartGrids) (RSEI)
  • Sûreté / Surveillance / Supervision (S3)
  • Systèmes dynamiques hybrides (SDH)
  • Systèmes à Événements Discrets (SED)
  • SYNchronisation et OBServation (SYNOBS)
  • Systèmes Mécatroniques (SYSME)
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Véhicules aériens autonomes) (UAV)
  • Vérification et synthèse des Systèmes Cyber-Physiques (VS-CPS)